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Are you a business looking for a U.K. based web design agency?  We design websites that generate leads.  Work with us and fulfil your goals!

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Samuel Robinson - Founder

I'm Sam, the founder of Web Spider.  I have a passion for website design & lead generation.

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About Web Spider

We are a U.K. based company, working with with various other companies in countries round the world.
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Generate B2B Leads & Online Sales

Looking to increase your inbound leads?

Take a look at our lead gen services and find out how your business can benefit from new marketing strategies & conversion funnels.  If you need a custom service then get in touch and we'll see what we can do for you!
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Google Ads Services

A Google Ads specialist service for quick & targeted traffic. A fast way to get relevant leads for your business from search traffic.
Quick campaign set-upNeed to get some traffic quickly? Compared to getting traffic from SEO, Google Ads is an incredibly quick source of traffic. It offers traffic directly from Google, with your ad displayed prominently in the search results, all done in a short period of time.
Highly targeted trafficNot only is Google Ads a source of immediate traffic but it is also highly targeted traffic. You don't need to worry about paying for traffic that is irrelevant for your products or services, we target specific keywords to bring in relevant search traffic.
Controlled budget spendingWe work with a range of different businesses, some only hand to spend a few £100 others spend £1,000s per month on Google Ads. Whatever your budget, we will tailor your campaign to suit you and carefully spend your budget where needed without going overbudget.
Google Ads Services

Web Design Services

Modern and responsive web design and development to generate leads, from our website design agency.
SEO optimisationWe design and build the overall structure of our websites to be optimised for SEO so once it's launched it can get off to the right start and start driving traffic to it, this includes the on-page SEO & technical SEO too. This lays the foundation to allow you to run a full SEO campaign anytime you want.
Optimised for conversionsOur websites are also designed to offer your website users a great UX (user experience). As well as UX we also design the website as a sales funnel to lead them along a journey that starts with them landing on your website and ends with them contacting your business.
Build trust with your customersAn important part of seller your business' services is to build trust with your business and with your ability to deliver the services you offer. Adding customer reviews, previous projects and any awards, certificated or accreditations will help to build trust an authenticity with a new potential client/customer.
Web Design Services

SEO Services

SEO services for permanent & organic search traffic for your website. Consisting of on page seo, backlinks & content creation.
Technical SEO
The aim of our technical SEO is to fix any technical issues there may be that could be affecting the performance of your website. The other aim is to get your website to be lightning quick, which is an important ranking factor. Another aim is to optimise your website's crawl budget, so Google can quickly and efficiently crawl and index pages of your site.
On-page SEO
The on-page SEO is where we optimise your website's most important pages, like your service pages, so they can rank higher on Google and bring in more traffic to help promote and sell your business' services. This includes optimising meta data, h1 title, keywords, images and more.
SEO marketing
Google knows that any trustworthy and authoritative website will have an abundance of high quality content to help inform their users. Not only do we aim to create high quality content for your website and target Google rich snippet results, but we also promote your content to other relevant webmasters to help encourage natural and organic link building to your website.
SEO Services
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Whether you need a website for your corporate business or you want to set up an e-commerce store, take a look at some of the previous websites that we've built.
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Cranbrook Parish Council

Kent County Council wanted to promote tourism within the local area with an interactive tourism map.
Tourism Website | HTML | CSS | JS | Design & Development
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Well Groomed Wizard

Well Groomed Wizard is a male grooming brand. They sell various beard & haircare accessories.
E-commerce Store | Shopify | Design & Development
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As well as standard technical SEO and on-page SEO, our main focus for Well Groomed Wizard was SEO marketing. The website was significantly lacking in any blog or written content, while their competitors were doing well in this area. Therefore we created a large amount of high quality content with the aim of resolving users' search queries and win the rich snippet (where possible).

We carried out the work over the course of 12 months and checked back in with them a further 12 months later (for a total of 24 months) to see what results had been achieved.
Well Groomed Wizard 12 Month SEO Campaign
Organic website data 2020 (before)
Monthly Pageviews
Monthly New Users
Click Through Rate
Speed Index
Organic website data 2022 (after)
Monthly Pageviews
Monthly New Users
Click Through Rate
Speed Index
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Organic pageview had increased by more than 2.5x the previous amount, with an increase in click through rate of 0.5%. We also managed to improve the performance of the site by shaving off 1.4 seconds from the speed index.
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See more of our previous SEO campaign results by visiting our portfolio.
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our core values

Choosing a new digital marketing company can be difficult. Many businesses have had bad experiences with digital marketing services in the past. We strive to be utterly transparent with the work we carry out so you can feel reassured.

Clear Communication

We feel than communication is key, our aim is to be transparent with everything we do.

Results Focused

We're personally invested with all our clients to bring real results to help their businesses.

Customer Experience

We measure all our work against high quality standards, striving to be better than the rest.

Client Reviews

Here's just some of our reviews from clients that we've worked with across a range of services. See what they have to say about their experience working with us. If you'd like to read even more reviews then visit our Google Business profile.
    Really happy with the website, would recommend their web development services to others. Thinking about using them for SEO too.
  • Ben Sullivan | ecom consultants
    Sam was great at listening to my needs and translating that into a pretty and simple little website. He was very patient and worked with me to get the website just how I wanted it.
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