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Get instant traffic directed to your site with our Google Ads services. We plan and build Google Ad campaigns to capture specific search traffic and point them to your website.
Capture highly-relevant traffic for your business
Quick set up for instant results
Target specific demographics, locations, hours of the day etc
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Highly Targeted Traffic

Don't want to wait around for your SEO campaign to take effects? Need to get more leads and enquiries immediately?

Our Google Ads service will set up an effective search campaign and begin driving traffic to your website instantly.
why google ads

cost effective campaigns

An effective Google Ads campaign can bring in more and more leads for your business, but is it cost effective for your business model?

We consult with all our clients before we start work on a new campaign to ensure that the leads we bring in fit within your margins, so you're not paying more than you want for a new lead or client.
Goal setting of maximum cost per aquisition of new leads/clients
Separate campaigns to individually control ad spend for each service you offer
Constant campaign analysis & optimisation of ad spend
Analysis of underperforming keywords to reduce wasted ad spend
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our Google Ads process

Not all e-commerce stores are created equal.  A well designed store can convert customers at a higher rate than other stores.  A 1% higher conversion rate may seem like a small number but the extra customers add up to a lot of extra sales and revenue.
1.  It all starts with research, we gather the information that we need to set up a campaign that best serves your business and gets you the results you want.
2.  The more information we have, the more accurately we can target the people most likey to need and want your specific business services.
3.  The aim is to link the keywords & search terms with the correct campains built for your specific services.
Campaign Setup
1.  We generally build our campaigns to be split into 3 tiers; high buying intent, medium buying intent and low buying intent.  This way be have better contol of out campaigns and the ad spend.
2.  We write and set up individual campaigns based each service you are promoting, this way we can specifically target those searching for the service and have a higher chance of converting them into customers/clients.
Campaign Analysis
1.  Once a campaign is setup it can start driving traffic and generating leads, but there's still still more to be done.  We constantly monitor the campaign to be able to optimise it.
2.  We increase the bids on the keywords that are performing well to boost the conversions and we reduce the bids on the keywords that are not performing, that way we reduce any wasted as spending.
when you sign up

What's Included?

So what exactly is included when within our Google Ads service package?  Below are some of the key features included when you sign up.
Goal setting for cost per client/lead aquisition
Service selection for services to promote
Conversion goal setting: phone calls, emails etc
Conversion tracking setup
Location & demographic targeting
Competitor research
Campaign Setup
Google Ads account setup
Conversion tracking setup
Keyword research
3-tier sales funnel setup
Ad copywriting
Campaign Analysis
Daily campaign monitoring
Well-performing keyword bid increase
Badly-performing keyword bid decrease
Google Analytics Set-up
previous work

the results

It can take a long time for the fruits of an SEO campaign to show fully, this is why we advise to allow enough time to carry out a good quantity of work and then be patient to allow the results to properly take effect. 

After 12 months of carrying out our SEO results we were able to achive the results you see below.
Average Monthly Organic Website Visitors
Average Website Conversion Rate
Website Loading Speed
Word Count Across All Blogs
common Google Ads questions

frequently asked questions

Ever had a question about Google Ads?  Check out some of our Google Ads FAQs below to see if we have the answer to your question.  Alternatively, contact us and we'll respond directly.
What exactly are Google Ads?
Google Ads is a way to display your own custom ads within the Google search results.  You can capture search traffic from Google and directit to your own website with the intention of converting them into a lead.

What are the benefits of choosing a Google Ads?
Google Ads...

Google Ads vs SEO
When deciding a marketing strategy...

What is a landing page?
A landing page is a...

What are the monthly on-going management costs?
Once a campaign has been setup...

Can I do it myself?
Of course...

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