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Are you looking for a Shopify SEO Agency to boost your ecommerce website's Google ranking?  We work with a range of Shopify stores to bring them more monthly traffic.
Increases Shopify store monthly traffic
Boost store speed & performance
Products more visible on Google & Bing
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problems with low traffic?

are you missing out on sales?

Whether you've recently launched your Shopify store or you've had it a while, you may be missing out on traffic and therefore potential sales.

Low traffic is usually not due to the product you're selling, it's because the SEO of the product pages is not optimised and so no traffic is flowing from search engines  to the site.

Products not selling?

Can't be found on Google?

Nobody visiting your site?

why websites don't get traffic

causes of low website traffic

Over the years Google has perfected its algorithm to rank sites according to over 200 ranking factors.  Some of the most important factors could be preventing your site from showing up in the search results!

Lack Of Content

Also known as 'thin content'.  This is one of the most important factors for ranking.

Slow Site Speed

Any website that takes more than 3 seconds to load loses significant traffic & rankings!

Not Keyword Optimised

90.63% off all pages get little to no organic traffic from Google.
how to increase website traffic

increase traffic with our shopify SEO services

We know how much time and energy it takes to set up a Shopify store, don't let your efforts go to waste!  Invest in your website's SEO and increase traffic and sales.
Shopify SEO Services
Our Shopify SEO services are designed to fix any technical issues your site may have, rank highly for specific keywords and increase targeted organic traffic.

Increase organic traffic

More visible on Google

Improve technical performance

shopify sales data
generate more sales

turn your store into a sales generation machine

Optimise your Shopify stores SEO for Google/Bing and bring consistent, targeted traffic onto your e-commerce website.

By fully optimising your stores SEO, we set up systems to generate organic traffic that has a high buying intent and a high chance of converting into sales.

Full website SEO optimisation

Upgraded speed & technical performance

Authoritative content marketing campaign

transparent shopify seo service
transparent service

fully transparent Shopify SEO Services

Before any work begins we draw up a full plan for all proposed work to be carried out so you know where your money is going.

With our SEO strategy blueprint you can see what work we're going to do and when we're proposing to carry it out, so you can be confident in the whole process.

Complete blueprint of all proposed work

No hidden extra costs

Ask us a question anytime

our seo process

how it works

Below are the steps we take with every Shopify store to set them up for success. 

If you're store has had little to no success so far then don't give up! Give us a call and we'll do an free initial assessment on how we can help improve performance and increase traffic.
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step 1.

Fix Technical SEO Errors

We start with a full audit of your website and begin tuning it to get it lightning quick as well as fix any issues there might be that it limiting your ranking potential.
Technical Audit & FixesThe first step to a successful SEO campaign is to run a full technical audit to understand what issues your site may have and what position your SEO is in. Once we have run a full audit we can begin to make the fixes needed.
Improve Site SpeedSlow themes, excess apps and unnecessary Javascript can slow down your store significantly due to the processing power of running these scripts. We strip away what is not necessary and compress the rest by a process known as Javascript (and CSS) minification. The result can be a store that loads in 1/2 the time or less!
Optimise Crawl BudgetDue to the enormous volume of web pages on the internet Google has to be efficient when it comes to crawling and indexing websites and will only spend a limited amount of time on yours. Be sure to set everything up so Google can easily discover, crawl and index your new product pages & blog posts.
step 2.

Optimise Product Page SEO

We begin building out your product & category pages and targeting keywords.  The aim is to turn them into high quality pages with optimised SEO that deserve to rank.
Optimised On-page SEOThe product pages are the most important pages on your website (along with the category pages). They bring in the traffic with high buying intent and convert them into sales. In order for them to do their job properly they need to be highly specific and set up to target specific keywords.
Improve Page UX & QualityGoogle's algorithm has changed over the years, from 'black hat' or 'spammy' methods towards rewarding pages with useful and engaging content that their users favour. Before any pages undergo SEO optimisation we work on improving the UX (user experience) of the page and the overall page quality.
Full Site Keyword MappingEven with a solid on-page SEO strategy you may run into problems like 'keyword cannibalisation'. This is usually a results of poor keyword mapping, trying to target 1 keyword with 3 pages instead of 3 keywords with 3 pages. Another issue is failing to create unique product descriptions and multiple pages with extremely similar products
step 3.

Launch SEO Marketing Campaign

Content creation that attracts new customers, collects email sign-ups, develops your store into an authority site & passes ranking potential to your product pages.
Content Marketing StrategyA solid content marketing strategy is crucial, it gives purpose to all subsequent content created. We plan out our content marketing strategy to find the areas where your competitors are ranking and you are not, as well as the areas where you can find low-competition search terms that will be easy to create content that will rank #1.
High Quality Content CreationInstead of churning out pages and pages of sub-par blog content we work to create high quality content. High quality content is easy and enjoyable for a user to read, it summarises information and makes it easy to read in-depth or skim over paragraphs to find the information they need. This is the kind of content Google recognises as being high quality and it ranks it high in the search results.
Content Marketing & OutreachMost people create blog content and that is that. A good piece of content will naturally gather backlinks on its own but it can take a long time. Implementing a solid outreach strategy will help to create awareness about your content a provide an opportunity for people to link to it.
our seo results

the results

As well as standard technical SEO and on-page SEO, our main focus for Well Groomed Wizard was SEO marketing. The website was significantly lacking in any blog or written content, while their competitors were doing well in this area. Therefore we created a large amount of high quality content with the aim of resolving users' search queries and win the rich snippet (where possible).

We carried out the work over the course of 12 months and checked back in with them a further 12 months later (for a total of 24 months) to see what results had been achieved.
Well Groomed Wizard 12 Month SEO Campaign
Organic website data 2020 (before)
Monthly Pageviews
Monthly New Users
Click Through Rate
Speed Index
Organic website data 2022 (after)
Monthly Pageviews
Monthly New Users
Click Through Rate
Speed Index
View Google Analytics report
Organic pageview had increased by more than 2.5x the previous amount, with an increase in click through rate of 0.5%. We also managed to improve the performance of the site by shaving off 1.4 seconds from the speed index.
View more SEO campaign results
See more of our previous SEO campaign results by visiting our portfolio.

Client Reviews

Here's just some of our reviews from clients that we've worked with across a range of services. See what they have to say about their experience working with us. If you'd like to read even more reviews then visit our Google Business profile.
    Really happy with the website, would recommend their web development services to others. Thinking about using them for SEO too.
  • Ben Sullivan | ecom consultants
    Sam was great at listening to my needs and translating that into a pretty and simple little website. He was very patient and worked with me to get the website just how I wanted it.
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What's Included with our shopify SEO service?

Below are all the various aspects of your Shopify store's SEO that we check & optimise.  All these changes, no matter how small, add up to deliver an improvement in your SEO that will help to boost you in the search results.
Technical SEO

Website ArchitectureWe want to make sure that your Shopify store structure makes sense. Can people intuitively browse through your different categories and pages to find what they want and are these pages linked properly? It's important for Google that these internal links and navigations are set up correctly and that they make sense.

Set up 301 RedirectsShopify stores frequently require old products to be removed and for new products to be added. But this doesn't necessarily mean that you should just delete the old pages! If you do then you'll lose all that hard earned SEO. A better idea would be to redirect the old page to the new URL, a proper 301 redirect will also direct all the SEO power of the old page to the new one.

Ensure Site is HTTPS SecuredThis is now a very important requirement for all modern websites. HTTPS will keep your site secure, which is especially important for all Shopify stores, and is something that Google looks out for when ranking a website.

Check robots.txt File
This is usually done automatically by Shopify but it is important to make sure that the file is correct. A robots.txt file blocks certain parts of your website from being indexed by Google (like the checkout pages). It's a good idea to block these pages but you want to make sure that other, important pages aren't being incorrectly blocked.

Fix Duplicate Content Issues
This is an extremely common issue among Shopify stores and possibly the biggest reason that most stores struggle to rank. If you're selling branded products that are also sold by other stores then there is a good chance that you and the other stores have copied and pasted the product description from the manufacturers website. Google will only want to rank 1 of these pages since it sees them all as being so similar. If you create your own product descriptions but have it copied over other pages of your website then you may run into the same issue.

Improve Site Loading Speed
This is a very important factor when it comes to ranking your website. As attention spans shorten and technology improves the benchmark for site speed is getting raised higher and higher. Your site needs to be quick, not just for desktop but for mobile too. Excessive apps, large image files and bloated, unoptimised themes are the main causes of a slow store. Google knows that its users simply won't wait too long for a site to load and so it punishes slow sites by dropping them down the rankings.

Set up Google Search Console
Google Search Console is a important tool that all websites need to monitor their SEO and general site health. It will flag any issues that may be harming the site's potential SEO and give suggestions on how things can be improved, and since it's a tool that comes directly from Google, you know the information can be trusted.

Set up Google Analytics
Google Analytics is another tool from Google that helps track your site data. It works in tangent to Google Search Console and provides more detailed data about the traffic your site is receiving.

on-page SEO

Keyword Research
This is one of the foundations to creating an effective SEO campaign, it all starts with keyword research. The keywords you target tell Google what you page is all about, if the wrong keywords are selected them Google will not fully understand what the page is about and won't know exactly where to display it in the search results. This can lead to a huge loss of potential traffic, all because the keywords used don't match up to the relevant search terms that users are typing into Google.

Optimise Title Tags
As the name suggests these are the titles of your page. They are used by Google to determine what your page is about and used in the search results to display the title of the page to the user. The title tag is the first place where we'll implement the keyword research performed previously to get the page ranking for the desired search terms.

Optimise Meta Descriptions
Although the meta description is a direct SEO factor it is an important factor when optimising your on-page SEO. The meta description is also displayed in the search results and is used to entice people to click on the webpage, so the more optimised the meta description the higher the click through rate (CTR).

Optimise H1 - H6 Tags
The H1 is also used to help tell Google and users what your page is about, this is usually in the form of a product name or category name. The H2 - H6 are used to head up the sections in the page in the form of various sub-headings.

Image Alt Tags
Some vision impaired users use screen readers to help them browse the internet, when these screen readers scan images they read the alt tags out aloud, so the alt tag needs to be a description of what the image is, Google will also use this as an SEO ranking factor.

Map & Create Internal Links
Internal links are used to helps users navigate around your site as well as helping Google to understand which of your pages are the most important. The more internal links you have pointing to a specific site the more important Google will understand that page to be.

Fix Thin Content Issues
Along with duplicate content, thin content is the other main cause of low website rankings. Thin content is the term given to a page that has little written content and images on it. Google deems these types of pages to have little value to offer its users and so it will either rank them low down in the search results or it will simply not even index them at all.

Optimise for Schema Markup Data
Schema data are the extra snippets of information that are displayed in the search results on Google. Examples of these include review starts, product pricing, product measurements and other data. This markup data can help to increase your click through rate by providing extra information for users and helping your listing stand out.

seo marketing

Research Content Opportunities
Similar to general keyword research, this is where we research specific opportunities to create and rank content with the intent to easily drive traffic. The opportunities we look for have low competition and reasonable amounts of traffic, this way we can quickly rank blog pages of your website.

Content Creation & Publishing
We provide full content creation for our SEO marketing services, including topic research, custom image creation & more. Our content is written and published on a regular basis, dependent on the exact monthly plan and overall project.

Formatted to Google Ranking Factors
We format our content to Google's SEO ranking factors and don't just fill a page with words. These various ranking factors are similar to those optimised on the product pages but tailored for the blog pages.

Formatted for UX & Quality
As well as creating content that is optimised for SEO we also optimise the content for users. This includes user experience as well as page quality. This helps to present the content in an easy to read format and overall visually appealing appearance. This keeps the user engagement and dwell time high. A high engagement rate and dwell time is a sign of a good and relevant page and helps to tell Google that this page should be ranked high in the search results.

Marketing Outreach & Promotion
A good piece of content that ranks high on Google will naturally gather backlinks without any need for outreach but a solid marketing outreach and promotional campaign will help to acquire as many backlinks as possible, this in turn will build powerful and unique backlinks to your site and help boost your SEO.

common seo questions

frequently asked questions

Whether you need a website for your corporate business or you want to set up an e-commerce store, take a look at some of the previous websites that we've built.
What exactly is Shopify SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)?
Shopify SEO is the practice of optimising a Shopify store so it performs better, ranks higher on search engines like Google & Bing and generally bring more traffic to the website with the intent of increasing sales.  The SEO tactics used for a Shopify store and for a local service website are very similar, yet the SEO is tailored towards the things that need to be done specifically for an e-commerce store, specifically Shopify.  The general focus is improving the store loading speed, optimising product & category pages and producing content relevant to the niche to increase brand/product awareness.

Why does my Shopify store need SEO?
Many people that create a Shopify store have a 'build it and they will come' attitude, hoping/assuming that since they love the products they are selling that others will too.  Unfortunately this leaves a big unanswered question; how will people find these products?  The answer to this question is usually; Google.  This can either be in the form of running Google Ads on a continuous basis or organic SEO. Google Ads will require constant payment to keep the traffic coming but organic SEO will cost nothing for every click.  If work with a Shopify SEO consultant and you invest in our Shopify SEO services then we will set your store up to receive a constant stream of high quality traffic.

What kind of results can I expect?
The answer to this question varies greatly depending on the set up of the store, the products, the niche and more. In general we don't aim to rank for obscure keywords but instead aim to bring relevant and high quality traffic to your website with the aim to increase sales. For a better idea of the kind of results you can expect check out or portfolio and have a look at case studies for similar websites to yours.

How long does it take to see results?
This is another question that doesn't have a fixed and definite answer. We generally advise our clients that it may be only 2 months or it could take up to 6 months after all work has been completed for the full effects to take place. We firstly have to carry out the work needing to be done but then it takes time for Google recognise the changes that have been made and update their index and so for the results to be reflected in the search results.

How much do your Shopify SEO services cost?
Each project we take on has is unique and so has specific requirements. This means that each project is priced uniquely so it's hard to give a specific answer. However, due to the complex nature of most SEO projects there is a good deal of work to be done on even the smallest of projects and so our Shopify SEO services start at £995 per month as a minimum.

How do I choose what keywords to target for my products?
You generally don't need to personally carry out any keyword research yourself. However, any information you can provide us with help with our keyword research. When picking keywords our Shopify SEO company takes into account a variety of factors, one of which is relevancy to the actual product listing, but ultimately it is the data that determines which keywords are going to be the best and most appropriate.

Organic SEO vs Google Ads
The benefit of Google Ads is that it can drive almost instantaneous and highly targeted traffic directly to your Shopify store. The downside to Google Ads is that you have to pay for every click and once you pause the ads the traffic dries up. Organic SEO increases your websites visibility in the search results, the clicks themselves do not cost anything and the results usually do not change for many years.

Do you use black-hat techniques?
Just like any Shopify SEO expert, we do not user any black-hat techniques of any kind. We only use white-hat, Google approved methods of improving and optimising your Shopify store's SEO. Black-hat techniques are dangerous and give no permanent results. White-hat techniques not only give lasting results but they are approved by Google and not penalised.

What about my store's conversion rate?
Your store's conversion rate is crucially important. Even if your store gets lots of traffic, if the conversion rate is low then it will have no real results since none are converting into sales. We can help by giving advice on things you can do to improve your store's conversion rate but for best results see our e-commerce services.

Do you offer Shopify store creation services too?
Our Shopify SEO agency does indeed offer services for setting up your Shopify store and building out your product pages, category pages and other pages and everything else that goes along with setting up a new store. You can find out more information by visiting our e-commerce service page.

need something else?

our related services

Take a look at some of our related services to see our services that go hand in hand with our Shopify SEO Service.

Google Ads Management

Get quick and highly targeted traffic sent to your service pages, product pages or any other type of landing page.
Quick campaign set-upNeed to get some traffic quickly? Compared to getting traffic from SEO, Google Ads is an incredibly quick source of traffic. It offers traffic directly from Google, with your ad displayed prominently in the search results, all done in a short period of time.
Highly targeted trafficNot only is Google Ads a source of immediate traffic but it is also highly targeted traffic. You don't need to worry about paying for traffic that is irrelevant for your products or services, we target specific keywords to bring in relevant search traffic.
Controlled budget spendingWe work with a range of different businesses, some only hand to spend a few £100 others spend £1,000s per month on Google Ads. Whatever your budget, we will tailor your campaign to suit you and carefully spend your budget where needed without going overbudget.
Google Ads Services

Shopify Store Setup Service

A full shopify store setup service. Get your brand set up to sell your products with a fully optimised & ready Shopify store.
SEO optimisationAs part of the Shopify store setup process we optimise all pages we create for SEO. This includes all the necessary on-page SEO as well as optimising the technical SEO like loading speed and more.
Optimised for conversionsAs well as SEO optimisation and generally setting up the store and getting it ready for sales, we also optimise the store for conversions. It's no good having a store that that is SEO optimised if it doesn't convert traffic at an acceptable rate. We make sure it converts properly.
Complete product pagesA full e-commerce store set-up service. We set up the store with your business' branding and relevant information and populate the store with your products too, including product description and image optimisation.

Email Marketing

Build your brand's credibility and increase your revenue with our various email marketing services.
Sign up intro sequence
Many people first sign up to an business' newsletter with the promise of some sort of initial value, i.e. 'free PDF with 15 free tips about X'. This freebie can be delivered in 1 or several automated emails to get the new subscriber hooked on what your brand has to say.
Promotional emails
This is a critical type of email that your business needs to get right. You offer a discount on your new product/service release or just generally use the email as a way to generate awareness. The goal here is to get direct conversions from those you send the email to.
Informative emails
An overlooked but important type of email. You can't just keep sending promotional emails and expect to get conversions or maintain the integrity of your email list. You need to offer free, no-strings attached value too, this is done in the form of free and informative emails to help build credibility and trust between your email subscribers and your brand.
Email Marketing
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