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Drive more highly relevant traffic to your website and generate more results with our targeted SEO services. We focus on driving more traffic to your website that has a high chance of converting into leads & customers for your business, we don't simply send you monthly reports full of obscure data.
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lead generation

SEO services for B2B Lead generation

Just because you have a website, it doesn't mean that you will get the results that you want, you need to attract more customers if you want to grow your business.  Bringing more traffic to your website and converting that traffic into leads is the primary goal for our SEO services.

boost website traffic

Generate more leads

Rank for search key search terms

develop niche authority

technical SEO

improve website performance with technical SEO

A key factor for ranking your website high on Google and bringing in more monthly traffic is your website's performance.  It needs to meet certain criteria before Google will rank it highly.  We will optimise your website so it performs optimally, configuring your on-site SEO and loading times.

fix technical issues

enhance site speed

increase click through rate

build backlink portfolio

our seo process

our approach to search engine optimisation

Choosing a new digital marketing company can be difficult, many businesses have had previous bad experiences with SEO services or web design services in the past.  We strive to be utterly transparent with the work we carry out so you can feel reassured when working with us.
Link Building 
1.  We manually build links from trusted websites with a high Domain Authority (DA).
2.  We also network to promote your website and the content on it to other websites within your niche to build unique links that your competitors don't have.
Content Creation
1.  We research, plan & create effective content for your website.  Not only for the benefit of your readers but for ranking in Google.
2.  All content we make conforms to Google's Ranking Factors to give it the best chance of driving traffic.
On-Site SEO
1.  One of the aim objectives for the on-site SEO that we carry out is simply to ensure Google ranks it higher.
2.  The other key objective is to improve the website's performance, such as loading speed.
previous seo work

web spider's SEO case study results

It can take a long time for the fruits of an SEO campaign to show fully, this is why we advise to allow enough time to carry out a good quantity of work and then be patient to allow the results to properly take effect.  After 12 months of carrying out our SEO results we were able to achieve the results you see below.
Average Monthly Organic Website Visitors
Average Website Conversion Rate
Website Loading Speed
Word Count Across All Blogs
when you sign up

What's Included with our SEO service?

So what exactly is included when within our SEO service package?  Below are some of the key features included when you sign up.  Below are the associated services offered across our SEO campaigns.
Technical SEO

Website ArchitectureA good website should have well planned architecture that groups relevant pages and has a well thought-out structure. This allows users and search engine crawlers to move through the site and find the information they seek. Proper website architecture is achieved with with an appropriate hierarchy and internal linking.

Set up 301 Redirects301 directs are used to redirect the page in question to a different URL. This can be useful when dealing with a page that no longer exists or if you want to redirect a user for another purpose. A 301 direct transfers the original page's ranking power as well as the URL, which is important when redirecting a page whilst trying to preserve the SEO.

Ensure Site is HTTPS SecuredHTTPS stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. It enables the data on the website to be encrypted when being sent between a client and server. In short it enables the website to be fully secure and is a standard of modern websites, it is also a factor the Google algorithm takes into account when it comes to SEO.

Create robots.txt File
A robots.txt file is a file on your website used to tell Google and other search engine crawlers which URLs can be accessed on your site and helps to stop the site from being overloaded with too many requests.

Fix Duplicate Content Issues
Google does not like sites that use duplicate content. Many e-Commerce sites have product pages that use descriptions that are directly copied from the manufacturer's website. Google states that this is not a reason to be penalised, however it may still affect the page's overall SEO potential.  Unique content is always best.

Ensure Site is Mobile Friendly
Data shows that most people browse the internet from their mobile phone, so it is vital that your website has been designed to be responsive and friendly to mobile users.

Improve Site Loading Speed
Did you know that 40% of people will wait not more than 3 seconds for an e-commerce website to load before leaving? Google also favours websites that load quickly and your site needs to load within at least 3 seconds (2 seconds for ecommerce) for optimal conversions & SEO rankings.

Set up Google Search Console
An analytic tool for webmaster that tracks the indexing status and visibility of your website and URLs. It is an essential tool for any website engaging in an SEO campaign.

Set up Google Analytics
Another free tool offered by Google. It tracks and reports website traffic data, allowing you to make more informed decisions regarding website design and SEO.

Create & Submit Sitemap
A sitemap is a file hosted on your website (not visible to regular users) that provides information to Google about the URLs and other files on the website to help them crawl & index the site more effectively.

On-page SEO

Keyword Research
Keyword research is one of the most important steps for an SEO campaign. The keywords chosen will determine which search terms your website will show up for. It is vital to pick keywords that are relevant, have enough search volume and an appropriate level of competition.

Optimise Title Tags
The title tag is, as it sounds, the 'title' of your webpage. It is found in the head of the page, which is not normally visible to users. Google uses this for SEO and to determine what the page is about and it is also the visible heading in the Google Search results that users see when searching on Google, so it contributes to the CTR (Click Through Rate).

Optimise Meta Descriptions
The meta description is the long body of text underneath the result in the Google search, it isn't a ranking factor for SEO directly but it also helps with user experience and CTR.

Optimise H1 - H6 Tags
The H tags of a webpage are important to the architecture of the page. They help to inform Google of the structure of the page and what topics the page is relevant to. Using H tags incorrectly, like using multiple H1 tags, can lower the quality of the page.

Image Alt Tags
Alt tags have 2 purposes, they are scanned and read aloud to users using a screen reader due to visual impairment and they are also scanned by Google for SEO since it's algorithm is usually unable to read images.

Map & Create Internal Links
Internal links help to direct users and search engine crawlers to relevant and related pages on your site. They also help to teach Google which pages are the most important by having multiple pages of your site linked to the most important pages on your site.

Fix Thin Content Issues
Pages with very little content (text, images, links etc) are known as having 'thin content'. Not only is it hard for Google to determine what these kind of pages are about and know which search terms they are relevant for, but it also sees them as being lower quality pages.

Optimise for Schema Markup Data
Schema markup is a way to add structure to your content. They are read by search engines and allow them to serve 'rich results' in the Google searches, like reviews, products prices, product measurements and more.

SEO Marketing

Research Content Opportunities
In order for content to rank well on Google it needs to be high quality, unique and fulfil a users search query well. However, the most important step before all this to make sure you're targeting the right opportunities so your content doesn't get buried.

Full Content Writing & Publishing
We research and write long-form content that covers topics in full and (hopefull) fulfils the reader's search query. These pieces of content are informative, rich with content, target keywords and Latent Semantic (LSI) keywords, helping to develop the website into an industry authority and boost the site's overall SEO.

Custom Image Creation
Studies have shown that Google does indeed have a preference for unique images, rather than stock photos that appear on hundreds of other webpages. Images also help add extra valuable content, alt text and generally helps to break up the page and illustrate your points.

Formatted to Google Ranking Factors
There are a number of factors that Google looks for and favours when it comes to content creation. These include things like having a video embedded, outbound links to cite sources, information laid out in a table (where appropriate).

User Friendly Layout
You want to keep your readers on your blog post page, and to do so the layout needs to be user friendly. This means that it should be easy to read and easy to navigate across the blog to find the information they seek.

Outreach Promotion for Backlinks
Gone are the days of building spammy backlinks to your website, Google's algorithm has gotten too clever and knows that a website that has acquired their links this way are not high quality. Google prefers a website gather links naturally and editorially, therefore we simply employ an outreach strategy to promote content to other webmasters and leave it to them to decide whether they choose to link to the content or not.

Local SEO Landing Page Creation
Blog posts aren't the only content pages created during an SEO campaign, there are also landing pages that can help with a website's SEO. These are part of a local SEO campaign strategy that are created for the sole purpose of ranking for local keywords (such as 'X service in Y city') and capturing leads.

common seo questions

frequently asked questions

Whether you need a website for your corporate business or you want to set up an e-commerce store, take a look at some of the previous websites that we've built.

What exactly is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)?

SEO is the process of improving your site's visibility on search engines to attract their users and bring them onto your site. This is done with technical SEO & SEO marketing. Technical SEO is optimising the website's performance and other various technical aspects of the website that search engines, such as Google, look for when crawling a website and working out how relevant and useful the website is. The other way a website becomes more visible is by creating content that is high quality and useful to the search engine's users. Google will then display that content prominently in the search results when a user searches for a topic that is related to the content.

Why does my business website need an SEO campaign?

SEO if the biggest driving factor for most businesses when it comes to their website traffic, a site with good SEO will have a constant source of high quality organic traffic. While Google Ads is also a popular choice, it is a Pay Per Click (PPC) traffic source. Meaning that you pay for every click, while organic traffic is 100% free per click. Receiving organic traffic to your site is the result of Google (and other search engines) noticing the quality and relevance of your website in relation to certain keywords. If Google does indeed deem your website to be high quality and relevant to certain search terms then it will display your webpages high in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Any website lucky enough to be ranked on page 1 will receive a large percentage of the volume of traffic for that search result, some search results have millions of searches every month! The end result of a good quality SEO campaign can mean that your website receives a high volume of high quality (and essentially permeant) traffic that you don't have to pay for.

What kind of benefits & results can I expect from SEO?

We don't believe in making false promises of results or delivering monthly reports full of empty results, like hitting page 1 for obscure keywords that have no benefit. Instead we work to increase your monthly website visitors with high quality and relevant traffic that are interested in the products & services that you have to offer. Although we cannot say what the final result will be it will certainly be a general increase of traffic and visibility, aimed at matching and exceeding your industry competitors. For a better idea of potential results you could hope to achieve see out portfolio and take a look at our SEO case studies.

How long does it take to see results, like more traffic?

This answer always varies depending on the website in question and the sites niche. Generally, the newer and smaller a website is the longer it will take to see results. We usually advice that it will take 3 - 6 months to see results and it could take up to 12 months after all work is completed to see full results. Google's algorithm is complex and not fully understood, except by Google themselves. It is important to be patient and remember that SEO is an investment for long-term benefits. If you want instant results then consider using PPC advertising, like Google Ads.

Roughly How much do your SEO services cost?

There is no fixed cost due to the fact that each website is different in terms of age, size, industry, page quality etc. Therefore each website will therefore need a custom tailored plan to address each issue in order to start seeing results, instead of a 'cookie-cutter' plan that other cheaper agencies will apply to your site. At Web Spider we pride ourselves in developing real strategies that get real results for our clients, based on research, experience and expertise. Due to this our baseline for taking on a new client is £1,250 and can go higher depending on the exact nature of the SEO plan.

How do I choose what keywords to optimise for?

To cut this answer short, you don't need to, we will choose. The more information you can provide to us the better. Whether its previous marketing successes or failures, business goals, what you've seen from your competitors or just general thoughts and ideas, we will take it all into consideration. From this wealth of information our keyword research can begin. We spend a long time on the keyword research stage of an SEO campaign because it is important to get it right. Targeting the wrong keyword or an ill though-out keyword can result in missing out on 100s or 1,000s (or more) clicks that could have all gone to your website and been converted into leads!

How does organic SEO compare to Google Ads or other paid search?

The benefit to PPC is that is can deliver highly targeted and instant traffic to any webpage you choose. The downside is that you have to pay for every click and also for a Google Ads Manager to design and set up the campaign in the first place, unless you do so yourself. SEO on the other hand delivers free traffic all across your website that is unlikely to drop in volume over the years, providing the SEO campaign was effective and professional. The downside to SEO is that the campaigns can be expensive and the results can take a long time to show in full effect. Both strategies have their merits but are distinctly different, be sure to consider your goals, budget and overall business plan before deciding which one is best for you.

Do you offer local SEO and can I choose areas to target?

We do indeed include local SEO as part of our campaign strategy for businesses who need it. We can target various areas that your business services and drive targeted local SEO traffic to your website. This is done with keywords research and landing pages designed to rank in the targeted areas.
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