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eCom Consultants are an ecommerce consulting agency.  They work with various other ecommerce websites across a range of services, such as; digital marketing, ecommerce store set-up, niche research and more.  When they needed a website for their new business we were happy to take them on as a client.
eCom Consultants

The Brief

eCom Consultants are a relatively new business that works with a range of ecommerce stores, offering a range of services to get the stores up and running and generating sales.

They approached us to help them get their own business website online and we worked out the kind of website they'd need.  We adviced them that a Wordpress website would be best and it would allow them to expand the site as their business grows.

They wanted to make it clear that they offer a wide range of services and work with companies with varying levels of experience, from people just getting started and trying to validate their choice of niche to companies that have been in business for some time and need help refining their site.  We came up with a design that would offer and promote these services to the exact clients they were trying to reach.
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Marketing Strategy

what we did

We designed the website to be uniquely branded to eCom Consultant's brand image.  
User Experience Design
We mapped out the users browsing journey as they moved across the website, from landing on the homepage to being guided and prompted to fill out the contact form.
User Interface Design
We wanted to create a unique look for the whole of the site so we designed the whole thing from scratch and and worked on getting the 'feel' of the website right.
Built With Wordpress
Wordpress was the platform of choice to build the website.  Powerful ,easy to use and simple to expand a website over time by adding new pages. 
User Experience Testing
We tested this website (like every site we build) to make sure we can predict how a user will browse the website and if they can find the information/solution to their problem while using the website.
Responsive Design
Every websites needs to be responsive across a wide range of devices, we built eCom Consultant's website to be responsive so it looks great on a range of screens.
On-Site SEO
It's not enough for a website to great and perform well, it need to be optimised for SEO.  Like every website we build, we optimised the on-site SEO to help with discoverability with search engines.

the results

The whole project took 2 months from the start of the design process to the final launch.  Due to the nature of the business, they decided to run an in-house SEO and Google Ads campaign, we are all very happy with the final product and wish them luck on their traffic generation journey! 
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what they said

Sam was great at listening to my needs and translating that into a pretty and simple little website. He was very patient and worked with me to get the website just how I wanted it.
Ben Sullivan
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