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Well groomed Wizard

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We previously worked with Well Groomed Wizard to design & build their Shopify store.

We partnered up with them again to run a 12 month Google Shopping campaign.  This page is a summary of what the campaign entailed and the results that were achieved.

The Brief

After launching their store in 2016, Well Groomed Wizard turned to us to help generate traffic and kick-start their sales.  We settled on setting up a Google Ads (Google Shopping) campaign since their focus is on selling products and not services.

Google Ads can be set up quickly and deliver results straight-away, but the key is to refine the advertising campaign to ensure that the campaign delivers results within your business's margins.

After discussing their price points, magins and conversion data, we set some key metrics to act as goals, such as; cost per conversion, monthly ad spend etc.  We now had some goals to work to for determining a successful campaign, let's take a look at what we did below!
Male Grooming Products
United Kingdom
Marketing Strategy
Google Ads Campaign

what we did

Since they had not previously run any  paid ads set up their Google Ads & Google Merchant Centre to link to their online store.  After that, we structured and built out their ad campaign and began to monitor it.
Set Up Google Shopping
- Set up Google Ads account
- Set up Google Merchant Centre account
- Imported product data
Built a 3-Tier Campaign
- Top of funnel keywords (low buying intent)
- Middle of funnel keywords (medium buying intent)
- Bottom of funnel keywords (high buying intent)
Optimised For Conversions
- Reduced ad spend for low performing products
- Increased ad spend for high performing products

the results

We ran Well Groomed Wizard's Google Shopping campaign for 12 months, from December 2016 - December 2017.  The products range consisted on items with a retail price of around £20, so the margins were thin and the cost per conversion had to fall within an acceptable range.

Here are the results:
Total Conversions
Total Ad Spend
Cost per Conversion
Total Clicks
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what they said

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Jane Robinson
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