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Email Marketing services

Email lists have always been, and in our opinion always will be, a fantasic source of revenue.

Owning your own email list is an extremely valuable asset that every modern day business should have.
why email marketing?

increase monthly revenue

The easiest and cheapest source of sales isn't from setting up new and clever advertising campaigns, it's from within your pool of existing customers.

They've already shown that they like what you offer by putting their money where their mouth is and purchasing from you.  We use email marketing to set up an easy opportunity for them to buy from you again.
Promotote your seasonal sales & special offers
Generate hype for the launch of a new product or service
Get your message or deal in front of the eyes of those with interest
Increase your monthly revenue without additional advertising costs
why email marketing?

develop lifetime trust with your customers

Your business relationship with your customers should be nurtured and developed to establish genuine trust.

These customers are your most loyal fans and usually end up spending the most money with you over their customer lifetime.
Introduce new customers to your business and brand
Build trust with your audience with extra info & free guides
Develop loyalty among your repeat customers
thinking about working with us?

our email marketing Process

Choosing a new digital marketing company can be difficult.  Many businesses have had previous bad experiences with SEO or web design services in the past.  We strive to be utterly transparent with the work we carry out so you can feel reassured when working with us.
Set Up & Grow List
1.  Here is where we set up your email list and begin to grow it!  We add a sign up form on the relevant places on your site to get things going.
2.  You retain full control of your list and it becomes more and more valuable as your audience grows.
Sign Up Sequence
1.  We design and set up an email sequance for each new user to sign up to your email list.
2.  This serves as an introduction to your business/brand and is a great place to offer any sign up deals or special promotions.
Monthly Promotion Emails
1.  We work wit you to plan monthly emails for your list.  These could be seasonal promotions or new products launch offers.
2.  We optimise each and every email to create a high-converting email that can directly bring in more sales each month.
when you sign up

What's Included?

So what exactly is included when within our e-commerce service package?  Below are some of the key features included when you sign up.
Set Up & Grow List
Email Host Site Account Creation
Sign Up Form Design & Build
Sign Up Form Embedding On Site
Sign Up Sequence
Email Sequence Set Up
Email Content Creation
Sign Up Offer Creation
Monthly Promo Emails
Schedule Planning
Sales Email Content Creation
Informative Email Content Creation
Email Scheduling
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