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Every good business deserves to look as good on the front end as they are on the back end.  The best way to do this is with an amazing logo & the correct business branding.

We sit down with you and analyse your current business and your own personal goals and ambitions for the business, we tie all this together with a multitude of other factors to deliver something that represents your brand fully.
why logo & branding?

logo design

Classic or modern?  Simple or detailed?  These are just a few of the many questions that we go through with you to discover what kind of logo would be best for your business.

We aim to create logos that last, and for that reason we spend plently of time on it.
Unlimited revisions
All source files included
Logo Variations - i.e. image & text version + image only version + text only version
why logo & branding?

full branding for your business

A logo alone isn't enough for your business to stand out, you need to compliment it with full branding.

We pair your logo with a set of carefully selected guidelines that works with your logo to expand upon it and ties it all together.
Full business branding package
Perfectly balanced with logo
Brand guidelines on how to use all designs
thinking about working with us?

our logo & branding process

Although many designers can create a quick and decent looking logo, we take the time to esure that what we deliver is right for you and your business.  We also expand upon the logo to include full branding and branding guidelines on how this shoule all be used across your business.
Logo Design
1.  Every business needs an iconic logo to represent themselves.  A well-designed logo captures the style, image etc.
2.  People will get their first impression and a general impression of your business when they look at your logo.
Business Branding
1.  Another key aspect of how your business is represented is the branding.  Good branding should compliment the logo and expand upon the design.
2.  This branding can then be used for a multitude of different aspects for your business, website, business vehicles, printouts etc.
Branding Guidlines
1.  In additon to designing your logo and branding we also provide you with Branding Guidelines, these are a complete guide on how to use your new branding and logo.
2.  Correct font selection, colour palletes, how to use the company logo etc.  This guide will ensure that everything you produce and brand are done so with uniformity.
when you sign up

What's Included?

So what exactly is included when within our Logo & Branding package?  Below are some of the key features included when you sign up.
Logo Design
Full Business Questionairre
Unlimited Revisions
Source File Inclusion - .jpg .png .ai .psd etc.
Business Branding
Full Colour Pallete Selection
Font Pairing Selection
Icon & Image Style Selection
Branding Guidelines
Logo Use Guidelines
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