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At webspider, we operate all over the United Kingdom, including Maidstone.
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General information about Maidstone
Maidstone is a town based within the English county of Kent.  It has the River Medway running through the heart of the town and has a population of over 100,000.  It is around 32 miles away from London, east-south-east of the capital city.

The town itself is a very old settlement and has shown evidence of potentially dating back to before the Stone Age and the River Medway itself was used to transport items for trade and Maidstone itself was the agricultural county of Kent.
The history of Maidstone
Maidstone has been shown to having it's name date back to 975, written in Saxon characters the town's name has been speculated to have meant 'stone of the people', possible in reference to the stones found along the banks of the river.
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Webspider is delighted to serve the town of Maidstone and all the businesses within the town.
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