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Are you looking to generate more local leads in and around Tunbridge Wells?  Then you'll want to sign up for our Tunbridge Wells SEO services!

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SEO optimised for Google & Bing

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problems with your website's seo?

frustrated with your website's Lack of visibility?

Are you a Tunbridge Wells based business?  Are you struggling to get more traffic to your website and increase it's general visibility?

Many businesses invest in a new website only to find that the website deliver little to no results due to a lack of marketing.  Nobody is able to find the website and so the website generates no leads.

Lack of leads for your services?

Low monthly website traffic?

Can't find your website on Google?

problems with search engine optimisation

Why isn't my website getting traffic?

There are a few key factors that determine what makes an SEO campaign successful or not.  Failure to properly optimise these areas will stop your website from gaining visibility and rankings.

Technical SEO Errors

Failing to set your web pages up to have great SEO will crush your website traffic.

Poor On-page SEO

Poorly designed UX & UI will stop your website from being used properly.

Lack of SEO Marketing

Your sales copy will determine whether or not the website user wants your services.
local businesses in Tunbridge Wells

Local SEO services

We all know how frustrating it can be to work with an unknown SEO agency.  Trust is important and we work hard to gain yours.  Put your faith in us, a Tunbridge Wells based 
Bespoke SEO Services
Our bespoke website design services are designed to teach your audience about your business and promote your services in and around Tunbridge Wells with the aim of turning traffic into new leads.

SEO optimised for Google & Bing

Promote your business' services

Convert traffic into new leads & enquiries

shopify sales data
improve your site's seo

Bring relevant & reliable taffic to your website every month

Set your site up for success by upgrading your SEO to bring in a source of recurring traffic that is searching for keywords relevant to your niche.

By investing in SEO today you set your website up for success tomorrow. Recurring organic monthly traffic should be any website owners long term goal. If done correctly, this traffic will never dissapear and ill be an incredibly valuable asset for your business.

Monthly recurring organic traffic

Relevant traffic centered around relevant keywords

Google-safe practices that won't be penalised

transparent shopify seo service
Bespoke seo services for your business

custom created  & transparent SEO services

We know how frustrating it can be to work with an SEO agency, especially if you have no personal experience with how SEO works.

We work closely with our clients to make sure they know the plan we have created specifically for their business and keep them updated along the journey.  This way you can rest assured that we aren't putting you on some cookie cutter plan.

Bepoke SEO plan for your business

Clear and regular progress reporting

Always available to answer your questions

our website design process

how it works

Below are the steps we take with every web design project.

Each website project Web Spider undertakes goes through these 3 main steps to in order to build a website that helps.
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step 1.

Research & Blueprint

This is where we create the plan for your website and set the goals for how it should help your business, also with a healthy dose of competitor research.
UX DesignUser experience design (UX design) relates to HOW people use your website, is it easy to use, is the information displayed clearly?  Poor UX design will leave users frustrated, not matter how good the site looks.
User journey mappingThis is where we combine UX design with your business goals.  How will we take them from a user that lands on your website to an excited lead that want to get in touch with your business..?
Target Market ResearchYou may be an expert within your industry but we need to convey that, that's why we learn more about your industry and your target market.
step 2.

Wireframe Design

Next we turn these ideas into a real design with a full layout and design on top.  You'll be able to see your website come to life and sign off on it.
UI DesignUX design related to a users experience but UI (user interface) relates to the look and feel of your website.  Essentially it's the classic 'design' aspect in 'web design'.
High Fidelity Mock-upFinally it's time to take everything and turn it into a design for you to see and sign off.  We call this a wireframe and ut is where we get the final representation of your website completely designed and drawn up.
SEO optimised copywritingThis where we like to set ourselves apart from other web design agencies.  We like to optimise your website for SEO as part of the overall design.  This way, when you launch, you'll start to see results on Google.
step 3.

Full Website Development

Based on the previous designs, this is where we turn these designs into a real website that is responsive and pixel perfect.
Pixel perfect designWe take the design and then build it to be a pixel perfect reflection of the wireframe design made up in the previous stage.
Fast & responsiveThese days, your website needs to be quiick, not just for your users but for Google too, it's one of the various ranking factors Google uses for SEO.
Your chosen CMSWhether we build your website from scratchor

Client Reviews

Here's just some of our reviews from clients that we've worked with across a range of services. See what they have to say about their experience working with us. If you'd like to read even more reviews then visit our Google Business profile.
    Really happy with the website, would recommend their web development services to others. Thinking about using them for SEO too.
  • Ben Sullivan | ecom consultants
    Sam was great at listening to my needs and translating that into a pretty and simple little website. He was very patient and worked with me to get the website just how I wanted it.
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