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Lunae is a new, U.K. based coffee brand.  The sell a range of types of coffee and coffee paraphernalia.  Due to the increase in popularity of subscription and delivery services in the food industry, they wanted to take their brand online.  We were there to help.

The Brief

Lunae are a retailer coffee and coffee paraphernalia.  They wanted to sell their products online and so needed a website that could set them up to do so.

We adviced them to go with Shopify as it performs exactly aas needed and they would be able to take over and continue to add products as their brand grows.

The 2 main factors for any ecommerce website is to ensure that the site properly reflects the brands image effecfively & the overall site has a good conversion rate.  This way the website looks good but it also generates a desired level of sales.
Coffee Supplier Brand
United Kingdom
Marketing Strategy

what we did

We worked with Lunae to find out more about them and what kind of brand they were and what kind of website they wanted to lanch.  One good way to do this is to find out more about their product range and branding.
Product Photography 
We did a thorough photo shoot for Lunae so their product listings were appealing and gave them as high a conversion rate as possible.
Product Description
It was also important to write product descriprions that appealed to the shoppers emotions, logic and also had good SEO value for search engines.
On-Site SEO
Other than the product descriptions it was key to thoroughly comb through the website and optimise the SEO for all other key areas, such as; images, product titles, page titles and more.
Conversion Optimisation
Optimising your website for conversions is an art and a science.  It can be hard to know what layouts, images and description are the most effective for converting website traffic into customers, we A/B test for best results.
Branding Design
Although Lunae already had a logo and had built out their brand image with product packaging and in other areas, it was important to reinforce this image within the design of the website.
On-Site SEO
There are almost always areas to

the results

It took a few months before the whole of the website was ready to be launched.  It is always best to take your time to get everything perfect to maximise 1st impressions.  Lunae were very happy with the results and so were we!
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what they said

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